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Shower Glass Cleaning

Shower glass cleaning. When cleaning, most people use a variety of products to restore their shower glass. Often these products do more harm than good and embed the minerals deeper into the glass. Over time, the minerals etch into the glass surface, similar to engraving. Once this occurs, there is limited chance of fully recovering your shower glass.

What to do?

Prevention is better than cure. In the case of shower glass this is particularly true. If you apply a reputable protective product when your glass is new, you will go a long way to keeping it that way. If you have not done this and your glass looks like it has been in a blizzard, Platinum Tile and Grout restorations are here to help. Showers feature quite a lot in our makeovers. We have researched many products and only use the very best techniques to get your glass looking like new again. We are not a franchise so not locked into a particular brand. We only choose the best.

How do I keep my glass looking great?

Once your shower glass is returned to it’s former glory it does not mean you never have to clean again. If you are told this then rethink the supplier. Our protectants will work well for many years. All it takes is a simple weekly wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth. That’s it. Occasionally you may use a nice neutral cleaner if some shampoo or soap scum appears, but they will wipe right off.

So if you are having an issue with shower glass, then contact us today! We currently service all of the Perth Metro area and regional WA by negotiation. We also clean glass pool fences!

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